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Type of Cargo Service Address Phone
FCL, Static Cargo, OOG
Vehicles up to 700 CFT
ABC, Venezuela
NCA, Nicaragua
San Andres Island
Caribbean, Pacific
Costa Rica and Panama
Sun Terminals, Inc
4000 Mcintosh Road
Port Everglades, FL 33316
(954) 524.8600
FCL, Static Cargo, OOG Colombia, Maracaibo
Dominican Rep.
2990 Eisenhower Blvd
Port Everglades, FL 33316
(954) 524.8600
LCL Cargo Venezuela, SCA
NCA, Nicaragua
San Andres Island
Eastern Caribbean
Colombia, Panama
Dominican Rep., Trinidad, Pacific
Costa Rica
Martainer, Inc
11000 N.W. 29 Street
Miami, FL 33172
(305) 591.7595

Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions
The Latest Sailing Schedule. Download
U.S. Service Profile. Download
LCL Pickup Request. Download
Letter of Claim. Download
Shipper Own Container Notice. Download
Procedures for Filing Cargo Claim. Download
International Bill of Lading. Download
Confidential Credit Information Form. Download
Open Cargo Insurance. Download
Letters of Intent. Download
Power of attorney. Download
Account Name. Download
Vehicle Checklist. Download
Verification of Shipper Owned Containers Form. Download

Welcome to King Ocean Services

We are a family of Cargo Shipping Companies that specializes in cargo ship throughout the Western Hemisphere. We offer an array of maritime-transport services between our ports in the state of Florida and more than a dozen of ports throughout South, Central America, and the Caribbean. Our cargo shipping company makes weekly connections from Port Everglades, in the south of Florida, with Aruba, Curacao, and Bonaire, with the Eastern Caribbean; with Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador in Central America; with Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador in South America.


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